Lowe's Buys Into Sungevity, Will Offer Solar Quotes in Stores

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graphic via Sungevity

Sungevity's solar revolution is coming to a Lowe's near you. Lowe's, the second-largest U.S. home improvement retailer, bought into the California based Sungevity and the home improvement behemoth's customers will soon be able to use Sungevity's home mapping technology to see which solar installation is right for them. The press release is here. Lowe's draws about 15 million people a week at its more than 1,750 locations. Another California based solar company, SolarCity, partnered with Home Depot last year to provide a similar service.

Sungevity has made national news several times in the past year. It partnered with 350.org in its Put Solar on It campaign, designed to get the White House and other national capitals to put solar on their government buildings (The White House first balked and then agreed.) Sungevity is also helping Solar Mosaic in my hometown of Oakland to sell 5,000 solar tiles at $100 each to locals, who will help put the panels on the rooftops of youth centers and schools in the community. Even better, the solar panels will be mounted by workers hired and trained in Oakland.

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