Lowbagger: What's That?


While TreeHugger prides itself on its appeal to "lazy, shallow, but environmentally responsible brethren," Lowbagger.org chronicles the doings of regular folks who stick their necks out, generally around local enviro issues. Ever have the FBI investigate you as a terrorist for suggesting dam removal alternatives? Did your grandpa walk to the Capitol to protest pollution around your Appalachian school? Me neither, but it's cool to hear about people who have after spending a few hours researching the potential of, say, re-used ready-to-wear. Keep reading to find out what the heck's a Lowbagger!
Now, what exactly is a Lowbagger? The definition varies, and has yet to be specifically pinned down. Some people contend a lowbagger belongs to a loosely-knit alternative community that shares resources when living/traveling. Ah, so these lowbaggers are modern-day gypsies, bucking capitalism and living light on the land. Well, no, others say, a Lowbagger is more like a monk, in so much as he or she performs civic duty without pay and needs only food and shelter to maintain this work. Yet, others will proclaim that Lowbaggers live only to ski, float, and play in the out-of-doors, and cluster together in this pursuit, for safety and to save gas money.

Lowbagger.org is named as a tribute to all of these people. A tribute to the overworked and underpaid activist. A tribute to the backcountry ski bum. A tribute to the underdog. These Lowbaggers come in different sizes, genders, colors, ages, occupations and political parties. There’s a little Lowbagger in everyone.