Low Carbon Economy = Clean Energy Jobs Creation: Made in America Jobs Tour Kicks Off

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In an effort to highlight the genuine economic gains for workers that can be had in a low-carbon economy, The Alliance for Climate Protection and the Blue Green Alliance have kicked off the Made in America Jobs Tour. The tour will take place in 22 states, encompass more than 50 separate events, and begins in Cleveland, Ohio:Other events will be held in places far afield as Tucson, Arizona (Sept. 1) and Portland, Maine (Aug. 26), with the final location being Columbia, South Caroline on September 3rd -- here's the full list of tour dates -- and all will stress the job-creation benefits of clean energy policies.

Maggie Fox of The Alliance for Climate Protection:

American workers and their families need jobs, and a clean energy economy is a sure-fire way to put our country back to work and on a path toward long-term economic prosperity.

The Alliance for Climate Protection and the Blue Green Alliance are crossing the country to show Americans – through tours of clean energy businesses, conversations with workers making the parts that harness clean energy and rallies with local residents – that the benefits of transitioning to a clean energy economy are available today through good-paying jobs which are giving new meaning to the term Made in America.

National Renewable Energy Standard Would Yield 850,000 New Jobs
Studies by the Blue Green Alliance and The Alliance for Climate Protection have found: 1) if the US had a national renewable energy standard more than 850,000 manufacturing jobs with existing companies could be created, across all 50 states; and, 2) investing $150 billion a year into renewable energy and energy efficiency could create 1.7 million jobs.

Steelworkers Union Prez Backs Tour
United Steelworkers International president Leo Gerard touted the benefits of a low-carbon economy as well:

Building a clean energy economy can revitalize American manufacturing, but only if we commit to using domestically produced components. In confronting the challenges of recession, global warming and energy independence, we have an opportunity to transform our economy and create good jobs that truly are 'made in America.'

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