Loveparade Berlin Cleans up with Bottle Charge


In Berlin this weekend, revelers will be raging at what could be the biggest dance music party in the world. The annual Loveparade Berlin, a massive free event featuring the best established and new talent on the electronic music scene, kicks off Saturday after a two year break. First introduced shortly before the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the Love Parade had over a million attendees getting their groove on in the years 1997 through 2000. All of this partying makes for quite a clean up. New this year is a litter control and collection program, which encourages attendees to pitch in. "If you party in someone else's living room you should clear up behind yourself," explains Rainer Schaller, managing director of Loveparade Berlin. How does this work? A deposit, usually one euro, is charged on all food and drink containers—a persuasive and effective technique which returns garbage to vendors for recycling. This fee, or "Pfand," often employed in bars and clubs in Germany, will remove some 30 tons of trash in one stroke, according to organizers. ::Loveparade Berlin

Photo by William Roettger.