Lord Stern Says Rich Nations' Arrogance Did In COP15

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A new piece over at the BBC details Lord Nicholas Stern's views on the positive and negative outcomes of COP15. The positive are pretty much familiar: It may not have been quite what had been hoped for, but it was a step forward. The negative is likely to be a bit more inflammatory. Lord Stern described the downfall of something more meaningful as being the result of the arrogance of rich nations.Stern said:

[There was] less arrogance than in previous years--we have, I think, moved beyond the G8 world to the G20 world where more countries are involved--but [there was] still arrogance and it could been much better handled by the rich countries.

Stern went on to say that the "disappointing" outcome of COP15 came down to a failure on the part of rich countries to understand the position of developing nations and their concerns.

One Look at the Reduction Pledges Tells the Story
Which is all something that has been apparent for some time: One just had to look at the greenhouse gas emission reduction pledges prior to COP15 and what was laid down in the Copenhagen Accord to see that most major nations of the world just don't understand the scale of the problem nor the speed with which our societies and economies have to change. At least, at the international level, we recognize the problem, even if the depth of solution required has set in.

Good on Lord Stern for laying it out straight.

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