Lord Monckton: Everything You Need Know (Video)


Photo via Life in the Mix

Well, Lord Monckton is in the news again today--no, this time he's not saying that anyone with AIDS should be quarantined and shut off from society or that members of the green movement are like the Hitler Youth. No siree--today, he made the Washington Post for proclaiming that Obama was born in Kenya. Last week, Peter Sinclair and co. offered the first part of an illuminating look inside the strange mind of the man. So now seems like as good as time as ever to take an even longer one, in this great video . . . Why does this man warrant a two-part video series, you might ask? Because this man, for some bizarre reason, is considered by many to be a leading light on climate science by the many, many people who'd like to disbelieve the vast scientific consensus supporting man-caused global climate change. He gets invited to Congressional hearings, is a prominent speaker around conservative conventions in the US, and, well, is kind of nuts. Watch:

And to amend my 'for some bizarre reason' comment up there, I guess it's not so bizarre after all--this is a society in which many consider folks like Sean Hannity, Michelle Bachman, and Rush Limbaugh experts, too. Sigh.

But the important part, as the video adroitly shows, is that Monckton is wrong on just about every scientific claim he makes. Because, as Sinclair states, you can be as eccentric in your arguments as you like, so as long as your assertions are supported by data--which, for Monckton is most certainly not the case.

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