Lord Monckton Crashes Climate Business Lunch

lord monckton in Copenhagen photo

Image credit: Matthew McDermott, used under Creative Commons license. (This photo was taken in Copenhagen, not CancĂșn.)

From a point-by-point debunking of his slideshows, to the House of Lords telling him to stop using their emblem, Lord Monckton is one of the more controversial figures in the climate skeptic/denier/denialist community. He's busy stirring up controversy once again—getting himself ejected from a top-level business lunch in CancĂșn. Apparently he wasn't invited.

Reporting over at The Guardian, John Vidal tells us that Monckton made his appearance at a gathering of 400 of the world's top business leaders, warning them to be wary of investing in the fight against climate change, and arguing (of course) that the science is a fabrication:

"After an hour of tolerating Monckton, the patience of the organisers wore thin. "Who is this man?" asked one American green venture capitalist. "These are weird views," said another. A few minutes later he was asked to leave."

Vidal goes on to speculate regarding the comparative absence of the skeptic community from these talks, compared to Copenhagen. Given the skeptic movement's tendency to play victim, I suspect the conspiracy theories will be flowing thick and fast on that one...

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