Lord Monckton Calls Youth Climate Activists "Hitler Youth" (Video)

The temperature is rising at COP15. Famous climate change denier and hereditary third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley Lord Christopher Monckton is in the news for calling green protestors "Hitler youth." He followed that up by saying those who want action on global warming have killed more people than Hitler.Monckton, a leading source for climate deniers and a buddy of Congressional opponents to action, attacked a small group of students from SustainUS at the UN climate talks. Ben Wessel, a 20-year-old activist from Middlebury College, Vermont, home of 350.org, arrived with a camera and recorded Monckton's outburst.

The Guardian has the entire transcript here:

Mockton was responding after the young activists shut down an Americans for Prosperity press event earlier in the day, seen below. Mockton later explained himself in a blog post.

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