Long Island Sound Wind Farm Project Canceled On Cost Issues

Back in 2005 we posted about a celeb endorsement of the proposed Long Island Sound wind farm project. The Chairman of Long Island Power Authority, Mr. Kevin Law (pictured) has announced cancellation of the wind farm plans. Apparently, changing cost projections for the wind farm were only reluctantly made public over the last two years. Celebrity endorsements won't help and may hinder a project managed in that fashion. The 'freedom from foreign oil card,' as played in the endorsements did not help either, given that oil has almost nothing to do with electricity generation. Projects that would go up in a public space (in Long Island Sound for example) have to fly on their economic merits and go forward with an open planning process or stakeholders will harden their opposition from the get go.

'Long Island Power Authority Chairman Kevin Law Wednesday said he will "terminate" a controversial project to install 40 wind turbines off the coast of Jones Beach, dealing a fatal blow to a plan alternately portrayed as an environmental necessity and an economic boondoggle.'

'The decision follows review of a recently completed independent report on the economics of the project showed its costs to be "significantly" higher than traditional forms of energy generation.' Project cost estimates reported in the media range from $700 million to one billion dollars. We have no idea which figure is reliable - that may be part of the problem . Via:: Boston Herald, and Industrial Wind Action Group and Newsday and Cape Cod Times Image credit::LIPA, Chairman Kevin Law

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