Lonely Man Leaps Into Polar Bear Cage Because "He Looked Lonely"

Berlin Germany Knut Polar Bear Photo

Photo credit to René Ehrhardt

We all would like to save the polar bear, but this method would seem, well, perhaps a little suicidal. This past Monday at the Berlin Zoo in Germany, police escorted a 37-year-old male off the zoo's property after he was seen leaping over the polar bear exhibit fence and landing into the bears outdoor swimming enclosure.The man later claimed that he made the leap of faith because he was lonely and Knut, the polar bear in the enclosure, appeared to be lonely too. The man was asked to immediately leave the enclosure after witnesses reported his actions to the zoo's employees, but he ignored all requests. They had no choice but to call the Berlin police and pray the man didn't actually make contact with the bear.

As the 440 pound, 2-year-old Knut (the bear, not the man) looked with interest toward the commotion, zoo employees acted quickly by coaxing him into his indoor exhibit with a juicy leg of beef. The leaper could not have chosen better odds with this particular bear, having been raised exclusively by human hands since being rejected by his mother at birth. Could the man have actually sensed the bears pain from an early childhood rejection, was this his attempt to free the endangered polar bear, or was he just plum off his rocker?

Looking closer at this situation it can be presumed that the German man was probably referring the bear as "lonely" due to the incident of untimely death of Knut's former savior, Thomas Dörflein, just a few short months ago. Compassion is just oozing for these beautiful creatures this time of the year, but as cute and cuddly as they appear, please try to refrain yourselves from attempting to pet one. It's all fun and games until somebody loses an arm!

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