London's New Mayor Aligns With Climate Change Fight

Non UK-readers may not be aware that London recently changed mayors in a highly-charged, personality lead campaign. Out went Ken Livingstone, supporter of flight taxes, founder (and expander) of the congestion charge, and proponent of retrofitting housing for energy efficiency. In came colourful Conservative politician Boris Johnson, who is widely regarded as a climate change sceptic (to be fair, his review of James Lovelock’s latest book back in 2006 doesn't exactly deny climate change, more voice confusion over who is right and what we should do). We’re pleased then to see that Mr Johnson joined a host of others in the video above, celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Together campaign – the same people who brought us the excellent Energy Wasting Day on April 1st. Whether or not Johnson’s new-found enthusiasm for fighting climate change will result in serious action remains to be seen, but a public statement like this is a good first step. Nice to see Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair on the same line-up too, though we wonder what Brown thinks of Blair going first…

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