London's Mayor Wants Unemployed to be Trained as Energy Efficiency Advisors

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Floppy haired London mayor Boris Johnson wants to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the city and wants to train unemployed Londoners to do it. The Guardian is reporting that the mayor of London has proposed creating a "retrofitting academy" so that new energy efficiency advisors can be trained. Johnson said that such a program,

...would be a huge benefit to this city at a time when we expect people to be joining the ranks of unemployment. They will need retraining and they will be retrained in an industry which has a huge potential for growth.

Green Jobs = A Way Out of Recession, Towards a Lower Carbon Future
While The Guardian piece goes into the politics surrounding the announcement, and the Green500 program (started by Johnson's predecessor Ken Livingstone), the real thing that caught my attention in this is simply the recognition of the need to create green job training programs, especially in times of recession.

Green jobs are widely cited as being able to provide lasting jobs that can't be outsourced (or at least are more difficult to be...); energy efficiency in particular is the most cost-effective way of lower energy costs and reducing carbon emissions related to energy; but people will need to be trained to do these jobs. What better way to create this workforce than setting up programs, both for employed people wanting to switch jobs and the unemployed, to give people the necessary skills?

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