London will have largest electric bus fleet in Europe by end of the year

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London is notorious for its smog. That's why it's really exciting news—as reported by Business Green—that London is set to have the largest all-electric bus fleet in Europe by the end of the year. Anyone wanting to check out the new buses will be able to do so on bus routes 507 (from Waterloo station to Victoria) and 521 (from Waterloo station to London Bridge) which will both run using a 51-strong fleet of single-decker exclusively electric vehicles by the end of the year.

Of course, two bus routes going electric is not going to solve London's air quality problems. But this is part of a much bigger push that includes converting all 300 single-decker buses in the center to zero emissions by 2020 at the latest, and converting all double decker buses to hybrid by 2019. Add that to other innovations like pedestrianizing Oxford Street, massively upgrading cycling infrastructure, and promoting range extended plug-in electric cabs, and it starts to feel like this great world city is beginning to take its air quality issues seriously.

Long-time green energy advocate Michael Liebreich is so confident in the progress being made that he recently penned an optimistic piece for The Telegraph proclaiming that Londoners in 2050 won't need cars at all. Let's hope he's right.

London will have largest electric bus fleet in Europe by end of the year
This should put a dent in the capital's notorious smog problems...

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