Loft Renovation by Reclamation in NYC

Matt Gagnon had the right idea when it came to renovating his client's loft based on her request that things be reused and recycled as much as possible. Said Gagnon, "The renovation had to be as environmentally conscious as possible...And it seemed the most responsible thing to do was to reclaim what was already there." That included one of the coolest features of the new loft: the wallboard that was sliced up and re-stacked into the sculptural partition wall seen in the photo. Additionally, some of the leftover wood that couldn't be used in the loft went over to our friends at Scrapile to be made into furniture. Gagnon was also referred to the loft's owner, Ramona Liberoff, by the good folks at the Future Perfect, an eco-friendly store there in Williamsburg that features local designers. All in all, it looks as though Liberoff made out pretty well: she saved some money, saved an estimated 60 percent of the wallboard from going to the dump, and got a fresh, friendly, well-designed loft. Seems about right to us. via NY Times