Local No More: Transition Town Currency Sold on Ebay


The Transition Towns movement is going from strength-to-strength. As we noted here, more and more towns are adopting this community lead approach to cutting dependence on fossil fuels. Cities are even getting in on the act, and according to Rob Hopkins, the founder of the movement (who we interviewed here), there are over 90 communities that are interested in establishing themselves as Transition Towns. It is not, however, all plain sailing. The recent launch of the Totnes Pound, a local currency that was launched by Transition Town Totnes with the aim of keeping investment in the town, is facing a slightly unexpected hurdle — Totnes Pounds are being sold on Ebay at an inflated rate as they are apparently of interest to collectors. Rob was not best pleased:

"I have often joked that it won't be long before Totnes Pounds start to appear on Ebay. Last week though, someone drew my attention to the fact that one had just sold on Ebay that day for £4.27! Now I look and there are 3 more for sale although so far they have generated somewhat less excitement. I suppose it is inevitable really, but it isn't really in the spirit of the thing somehow."

Rob goes on to ask those who are interested in Totnes Pounds as collectors items, to please buy directly from the Transition Town group, thus bringing in much needed income for the initiative. It's not all bad news, however, as over 4000 Totnes Pounds have gone into circulation in the first three weeks since their launch, and they've even won the support of their local Conservative MP. ::Transition Culture:: via site visit::

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