Local Businesses, Government Officials and Environmental Agencies Unite to Protect Maryland Wetlands

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Photo courtesy of Terry McTm

The state of Maryland has already shown a proclivity towards environmental programs—it has embraced wind power via positive legislation, for one. Now, it's going to clean up its wetlands. The Maryland chapter of the Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership was launched last week, with the goal of restoring and protecting a number of habitats across the state. The eroding shoreline of the Chester River will be a focal point, along with five other proposed restoration projects.

The CWRP in Maryland is a coalition of officials and representatives from private and public office, and includes reps from the Brick Company, Constellation Energy, the Maryland Department of the Environment, the US EPA, among other prominent non-profits and businesses.

The restoration project will focus on both coastal and inland waterways, and will also promote ecosystem educational programs. It's a worthy cause—the further destruction of wetlands could have dire consequences. But don't chalk the effort up entirely to charity: eco restoration efforts have recently had profitable results.

The Maryland chapter initiation is the latest in a program that has spanned the US. According to the CWRP:

"Nationwide, more than 300 corporate partners have contributed time, materials and money to facilitate selected aquatic habitat restoration projects. Since its inception in 1999, the CWRP has preserved, restored, enhanced and protected more than 20,000 acres of wetlands and 7,000 stream miles."

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