Living with Less- Extreme Edition

By day, Hugh Sawyer goes to work at Sotheby's in an expensive suit; by night he sleeps in a ditch in the woods. It is all part of an experiment in downsizing, to raise money for the Woodland Trust. "I want to make people think about how much they consume that is not necessary,' said Sawyer, who has been living in the woods near the village of Lewknor, Oxfordshire, since June. 'I am trying to prove it is possible to do everything you normally do, maintaining a full existence, while cutting back. I have realised I can lead my life without television, carpets, sofa, electricity, chairs, tables, a fridge and a freezer."

Treehugger loves downsizing; there is a bit of a movement going on, there is even a downshifting week in the UK and it is very popular in Australia. However this treehugger sees too many people sleeping in parks and ditches without the benefits of gyms to wash and change in to consider emulating Hugh. We need to get people out of ditches, not into them. ::The Guardian