Living Simply: An Alternative American Dream?

peak moment television photo

Image credit: Peak Moment

When I wrote about a video of Ian Graham's permaculture farm in Canada, I took issue with the guy's prognosis that it's probably too late already. Yet with resource depletion and climate change knocking at the door, it doesn't take a genius to see that we need to find alternatives to energy and resource intensive growth at all costs. But there's a wealth of intelligent responses available to the global crises we face, and Peak Moment TV is at the forefront of documenting them. Having already covered backyard permaculture in Oregon, safe and legal gray water recycling in California, and a DIY solar home, for their 160th show the ladies at Peak Moment decided to tackle the concept of voluntary simplicity. As always, it's a thoughtful reflection on alternatives to business as usual.
In the show Janaia talks to Tammy and Logan of Rowdy Kittens. On learning about peak oil, the young couple decided to give up their suburban life, sell their two cars, and move to a 400 sq ft apartment. But this was just the beginning. They started blogging about their experiments with simple living, and learning about the small house movement. And like many who have chosen to control their consumption, instead of maximise their earnings, they seem to be living a richer, more rewarding life as a result.

For more thoughts on ultra-small living, check out TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's project to create a replicable 420 sq.ft green retrofit apartment in Manhattan. Living large can be done in small spaces.

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