Living For The Greater Green In Las Vegas: The Art Of Lawn Styling


Some municipalities have ordinances requiring that a grass-only lawn be kept growing, and at a certain height. Some places, you can get busted for growing other than grass. In Atlanta, Georgia, some people have taken to painting green the entire drought-killed lawn to make it look like it's alive. Not so in drought threatened Las Vegas Nevada, where you can get a government incentive check for skipping the grass entirely.

And, who better than a Las Vegas-based artist to create a 'lawn style' as performance art? His change in lawn style was fun and simple and saved lots of money: like putting in a CFL bulb. In doing so Bob Curry symbolized his effort to go for the greater green.

The Las Vegas artist [Robert Curry] has left his lawn like this since March. He's mowed the straw-stiff grass once, and when he did, it made the font even sharper. So now the lawn screams "Green" even though it's the furthest thing from it — an illusion, in Las Vegas of all places...But the grass isn't just green, it's also green. As Curry let his lawn die, he also made his house easier on the environment. He insulated his windows and attic so they'd stop leaching so much power. He went easier on the air conditioner. And this is part of what "Green" is supposed to mean — the greater green.

So Curry's grass says something larger about living in the middle of the Mojave Desert: My lawn isn't crazy. Yours is.

Via::Las Vegas Sun, Kill your lawn. Artist gives old adage a water-conscious-in-'08 meaning

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