Like Arriving at an Earthquake with a Dustpan & Brush - Climate Financing Utterly Lacking Says Maldives Pres.

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The highest point in the Maldives is about 2 meters above sea level. Photo: Wikipedia.

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed is becoming one of the most vocal national critics of climate change inaction -- with good reason, his nation is going to be underwater in less than one hundred years because of it. At a two-day meeting in the Maldives of leaders from Kiribati, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Barbados, Bhutan, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, to form a common position ahead of the COP15 talks, President Nasheed was again particularly critical of the intransigence of the world's rich nations:Saying that even holding temperature rise to 2°C means that his country "will be on death row" and that coral reefs will be gone and Greenland will melt, Pres. Nasheed said that the level of financial assistance forthcoming from the world's rich nations was so low it was like arriving at an earthquake with a dustpan and a brush. (BBC News)

Developing Nations Should Pledge to be Carbon Neutral
At the same time, Pres. Nasheed called on all developing nations to set an example for the world by pledging to become carbon neutral -- as his has already done, and is nearly halfway there. By doing so "those opposed to change (would) have nowhere left to hide." (Economic Times)

He added that, "There are plenty of politicians willing to point the finger of blame. But there are few prepared to help solve a crisis that, left unchecked, will consume us all."

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