Lies the Japanese Paper Industry Told...

Two of the big paper companies in Japan have now admitted that they lied about the amount of recycled paper in their paper. Nippon Paper confessed first to false claims, admitting that it had been falsifying information since 1996. It had used only one percent recycled paper in New Year's cards supplied to Japan's postal service--which officially requires 40 percent recycled content. The company's president has done the honourable thing and stepped down, saying that he would take responsibility for the scandal.

Then Oji Paper admitted that it too had lied for the last ten years, saying that the amount of recycled paper in its copy and printing paper was 50% when in fact it was between 5 and 10%. Envelopes had been sold as 70% recycled, when they were only 30%. Some products contained no recycled material at all. Their president won't resign but he did note that he had "betrayed public trust." Fuji Xerox have said that they will no longer buy recycled paper from Nippon, others such as Canon and Konica Minolta are threatening to do the same.Stock share prices in both companies have plummeted. Three other firms are also being accused. :: Guardian

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