Lexus Offers $1 Million in Grants and Scholarships as Part of Environmental Challenge

That’s right folks, the luxury automaker is stepping up to the plate by teaming up with Scholastic to invite teams of teachers and students from across the U.S. to get involved protecting the environment by devising and implementing programs that positively impact their communities. They’re calling it the Lexus Environmental Challenge, and it’s open to middle and high school students everywhere.

The challenge itself has two distinct elements: standards-based supplementary educational materials and a contest to reward environmental action. The idea is that the educational materials will encourage teachers to integrate creative lesson plans into their classrooms about the environment, while the contest will help students apply what they've learned by participating in any of the four environmental team challenges. Those include protecting the land, water, air, and climate. And each of the teams will be responsible for developing an action plan, implementing it, and reporting on the results.
To get started you’ll need to put together a team of 5-10 students, conjure up a teacher to serve as advisor, and then get started creating and entering your concept online via their website. The deadlines are staggered, with the closest being that for the land category on October 5th. And ultimately, the grand prize winning team will, in fact, win $75,000 in grants and scholarships, with the 14 finalist teams each receiving $50,0000 as well. Got an itch to get involved? Head over to their website and see if you think you’ve got what it takes!