Leviathan Powers Your Home With Every Flush


Hydroelectric power is generated when moving water passes through turbines. Why stick to water in rivers says Leviathan Energy, a Delaware-incorporated company with R&D; in Israel. Water moving through the sewer system could work too! Some extreme TreeHuggers let yellow water mellow, but with Leviathan’s Benkatine Turbine you can feel less guilty –– by generating power with every flush of the toilet.


We spoke with the company’s CEO Daniel Farb yesterday (he’s been overwhelmed with queries) and were blown away by the number of cleantech inventions this former ophthalmologist has created to harness energy from the oceans, waste water and wind. According to Wired, Leviathan’s scalable turbine could be installed on a municipal system, or fitted to your own toilet to make use of the potential power just running down your drain.


(San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom and Leviathan's Dr. Daniel Farb)

Earlier we mentioned that Mayor Gavin Newsom was in Israel last week meeting with cleantech companies. One of those companies was Leviathan, who was in San Fran earlier this year. Will Americans be the first to power their homes with every flush? Could be. We do know that Leviathan is in serious talks with a small US-based cleantech company to provide an in-pipe turbine in the company’s hydro-electric solution.

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