Let's Shut Down Lord Monckton's Latest Nonsense - Support Prof. John Abraham & Sign This Letter

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Image from the presentation in question: John Abraham

In case you missed it, back in May Professor John Abraham of the University of St Thomas, Minnesota gave prominent climate change skeptic Lord Monckton a point-by-point debunking. Abraham found that, by and large, each of Monckton's claims was, well, bluntly, entirely false. Abraham even tracked down the authors cited by Monckton to get their view, which supported Abraham. Well, Monkcton didn't like that too much and now wants Abraham to pay out $110,000 in libel damages, issue an apology, a retraction, and remove the critique from all public places. He's also urging supporters to demand that Abraham's university to begin inquiries against him. Bascially, Monckton can give it out, but can't take it.

Which is where TreeHugger readers can come in and help:

In order to counter the Monckton supporters, New Zealand-based Hot Topic has started an online letter of support, which both Abraham and the University of St Thomas will be made aware of.

The letter reads:

We the undersigned offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. Professor Abraham provided an important public service by showing in detail Monckton's misrepresentation of the science of climate, and we applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.

I encourage you all to sign it. Even if you aren't personally convinced of the science behind climate change, Lord Monckton's attempts to intimidate Abraham are counterproductive, frivolous, and utter repugnant publicity seeking attempts to stymie free speech and discourse.

Here's the link again: Support John Abraham

More background: Climate Progress. And a good summing up from George Monbiot: Monckton's repsonse to John Abraham is magnificently bonkers.

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