Let's Hope the Sideline COP15 Events Overwhelm the Main Show... Fill Your Calendar Here

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photo: Paul Burani via flickr.

With all the non-official COP15 events scheduled for the next few weeks the actual negotiations, whatever the outcome, almost seem like a sideshow. Which in a way is a good thing, considering that what we really need now, as much as a strong global climate agreement, is a growing grassroots movement to keep politicians in on the right path. It's really pretty overwhelming, but here are several places which will surely fill up your calendar quickly:

klimaforum09 image


Klimaforum09 bills itself as "your climate summit" and the global civil society counterpart to the official conference happening out at the Bella Centre.

From December 7-18 there will be over 150 talks, exhibitions, music performances, film showings, and more -- all taking place in DGI-byen over by the Copenhagen central train station.

Want to here authors and activists Vandana Shiva and Naomi Klein speak? Learn how the informal wastepicking sector is a front-line solution to climate change? The impact of meat-eating on climate? How the world's religions are mobilizing around climate? Why GMOs aren't the solution and diverse small-scale agriculture is? Or start each day with silent meditation followed by discussion? Head here.

Here's the full schedule of events: Klimaforum09 Programme

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People's Climate Action

People's Climate Action also has quite an extensive list of happenings. There's some overlap with Klimaforum09 (everyone is cross-listing events...) but the focus here is a bit broader: Hear how youth from Arctic communities are trying to preserve their heritage; talk about the relationship between artists and climate change; and learn video skills to tell your own climate activism story.

Here are the full listings: People's Climate Action Calendar

climate bottom meeting image

Climate Bottom Meeting

Over in the village within a city of Christiana -- a self-governing commune/town that's been in place since 1971 -- the Climate Bottom Meeting has events all day, every day for the length of COP15.

As you might imagine in a self-described freetown, the focus is on alternatives to the big-business, big government, top-down solutions that normally make the headlines. Though that is certainly a strong theme at all the non-official events...

Talks, discussions and events focus on society's relationship with money, sustainable building and urban renewal, cradle to cradle design, healing health & culture, community & sustainability.

Sounds like perennial TreeHugger subjects, though from the short time I've spent there, with a bit more of your traditional hippy commune aesthetic than normally makes the digital pages around here.

Find out more: Climate Bottom Schedule
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