Let's Have a Coalition Against Climate Change in Canada

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Word is that Stephane Dion is going to hold a press conference on Monday and resign as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Why? Who says Stephen Harper gets to form the next government? What if Dion made a different announcement? What if he got up to say:

"Climate change is too important for petty politics. The four parties with strong pro-environment, pro-Kyoto platforms got 61% of the vote and control 163 seats to the conservatives' 143. We are forming a Coalition against Climate Change and intend to ask the Governor-General to let us form the government."

It is a slam-dunk.

the new jerusalem in canada image

The New Jerusalem, Gustave Dore

Imagine. Stephane Dion as Prime Minister. Jack Layton with dual portfolios of Minister of Finance and Health. And if the Americans can have an Alaskan Separatist sympathizer as a Vice Presidential candidate, we can have Quebec separatist Gilles Duceppe waving the Canadian flag as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Stick Elizabeth May into the Senate and make her Minister of the Environment. Imagine.

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