Lessons Learned: The Guardian Explores Greener Schooling

Treehugger has reported previously here, here and here on the UK based Guardian/Observer newspaper and its increased focus on sustainability. Another offering last week saw the publication taking on the subject of sustainability in schools. As part of their weekly Education section, an 8 page supplement entitled "Going Green — How to Become a Sustainable School" tackled everything from renewable energy to sustainable travel plans for pupils. Greener computer equipment, more efficient buildings, waste reduction, and awareness raising amongst pupils were also explored. Not all of the articles appear to be available online, but their website does feature a very interesting article by Lucie Carrington on the challenge of building greener schools. Amongst other highlights was a useful list of resources for teachers including the excellent eco-schools website, details of an award from Toyota of £15,000 to registered green schools, and information on Groundwork, a charity dedicated to transforming school grounds into sustainable outdoor spaces for learning and fun. It certainly looks like the UK's education system is finally making some significant moves towards a greener future, and the Guardian is intent on supporting it. [Written by: Sami Grover]