LEIF 2009 is a Meeting of Sustainable Business Minds


Image credit: LEIF/Enclave Rising
Enclave Rising is a real estate development company dedicated to building "zero carbon, zero impact, ultra luxury, 5-star sustainable hotels and homes." Joining luxury and environmentally friendly designs is not always easy, but by placing principles of environmental and social consciousness first, the company is building a new paradigm for high-end development.

The mission does not end with real estate. Enclave Rising will host the Leaders of the Ethosphere Institute Forum (LEIF), of which TreeHugger is a sponsor, to bring together members of the sustainable business community to analyze challenges and propose solutions to common problems across industries.The forum's mission is to:

Create the LEIF Alliance of partner agencies, companies and organizations that will be at the forefront of the sustainable and integrative development movement, and to generate appropriate language that will allow the LEIF Alliance to promote awareness about the importance of a sustainable future that includes integrative and whole systems thinking.

Essentially, the event will bring leaders of sustainable business together in a think-tank-like environment to develop an action plan for future sustainable development. The event will then open to a conference, attended by a greater number of businesses and individuals, during which the action plan will be shared and discussed.

Speakers include Paul Hawkin, author of The Ecology of Commerce and Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, Michela O'Connor Abrams, president and published of Dwell magazine, Marc Heisterkamp, director of commercial real estate for the Green Building Council, Mark Spalding, president of the Ocean Foundation, Ted Ning, executive director of the LOHAS conference, and, of course, TreeHugger's own Graham Hill.

With such an incredible list of speakers, a set of respectable objectives, and an excellent *cough* group of sponsors, LEIF is an event that should not be missed.

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