Least Developed Countries Join Pacific Islands in Saying Rich Nations' Climate Change Commitments Inadequate

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Map of Least Developed Countries: Wikipedia
Low-lying Pacific island nations have long been saying that the climate change commitments coming from the wealthy nations of the world, including the G8 pledge to hold global temperature rise to 2°C, are inadequate to protect their future. Now they have some more allies -- A coalition of the world's poorest countries, Reuters reports:Holding Temperature Rise to 1.5°C Should Be Goal
The Least Developed Countries group combined with the Pacific islands now comprise an 80-nation bloc saying that a temperature rise goal of 1.5°C should be part of the climate deal (hopefully) coming out of the Copenhagen talks in December.

Emissions Cuts of 45% by 2020 Needed
To reach this goal, the LDC/Pacific bloc said, the rich nations of the world need to make greenhouse gas emissions cuts of at least 45% below 1990 levels by 2020. These are consistent with what most climate scientists say is required to prevent runaway climate change.

Similar Calls Have Fallen on Deaf Ears for Six Months
Though similar statements have been made for nearly six months now from China, India and South Africa (in addition to the Pacific island nations) so far pledges from the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have fallen well short of these targets -- the highest being just half of this amount.

via: Reuters

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