Leading Consumer Brands Get Behind WindMade Certification Scheme

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I posted back in January on the WindMade certification scheme that will communicate companies commitment to purchasing renewable energy. As Brian noted in his follow up post in the summer, the scheme is rolling out gradually, with brands signing up for an initial commitment of buying at least 25% of their electricity from wind—a relatively easy and achievable measure that should still act as a carrot for cleaner energy purchasing. A more thorough product labeling scheme will come later.

But will companies back the scheme, and will consumers reward them for it? While the second question remains unanswered, Renewable Energy World reports that several major brands have signed up for the launch of WindMade including Motorola Mobility, Deutsche Bank, Method, Lego and Bloomberg:

“We believe clean growth is good economics,” said Sabine Miltner, Group Sustainability Officer for Deutsche Bank. “We are committed to leveraging our core business expertise towards a cleaner and more energy efficient global economy. We believe in leading by example and have increased our use of clean electricity from 7 percent to 65 percent over the last four years. WindMade is an important step toward more market transparency and we are pleased to join this new partnership.”

Leading Consumer Brands Get Behind WindMade Certification Scheme
A new labeling scheme seeks to build consumer demand for clean energy. Several major brands are getting behind it.

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