Lawyers Working to Make Sharing Commonplace

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From sharing gardens to tool libraries, we've seen plenty of examples of sharing as sustainability of late. It's all part of what some people are referring to as Collaborative Consumption. Now the folks over at Peak Moment have sat down with two "Sharing Lawyers", who are working to make sharing the norm, not the exception:

Janelle Orsi calls herself a "sharing lawyer." For several years she lived in a "casual cohousing" arrangement where fences were taken down between several suburban houses. She so valued the many sharing aspects -- shared gardens, shared meals and shared stuff -- that she co-authored a book with lawyer Emily Doskow titled The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community. It brings together practical ideas, real-life examples, sample agreements and legal information that that will reduce hurdles for sharing (including communications tools for dealing with challenges and conflicts!).

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