La 'Taxe Pique-Nique' Est Ici: France Proposes Tax on Disposable Plasticware

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photo: Duane Romanell

At the beginning of the summer France unveiled its so-called 'bonus-malus' system for taxing polluting vehicles and, hopefully, encourage people to purchase less polluting transportation options. Now a similar scheme has been unveiled that would similarly apply taxes on other consumer goods based on their environmental impact.

Cutlery and dinnerware made from plastic and non-biodegradable cardboard has been confirmed to be on the list, hence Le Figaro dubbing it 'la taxe pique-nique'. How much more will your luncheon in the park going to cost:Final Product List Not Yet Confirmed
Although the final list of products to be taxed has yet to be confirmed—refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, paints, tires and computers are all under consideration—Jean-Louis Borloo, the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Planning said that an additional tax of €0.90 per kilo of disposable tableware is under consideration.

Borloo told RTL radio that "We are not completely ready. [The final list of products] has not been decided on definitively." He added that the decision would be taken "gradually" (Reuters). As environmentally friendly products are to be given a tax break, the whole project is expected to be revenue neutral.

via Le Figaro and :: Reuters
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