Kyra Sedgwick Urges the President to Reject the Tar Sands Pipeline! What Celeb Will Be Next?

Kyra Sedgwick, star of the detective show "The Closer" and an active supporter of the Natural Resources Defense Council, has produced a video in which she calls on President Obama to reject TransCanada's permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline. Sedgwick says that "everyday I take it for granted that when I turn on the faucet clean water will come out, but the tar sands pipeline threatens to change all that in America's heartland." If built, the pipeline would go right through the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska.Sedgwick joins several other big stars in a growing opposition to the pipeline. In the last few months, Mark Ruffalo, Ian Somerhalder, Radiohead, Josh Fox, Margot Kidder, Daryl Hannah, Tantoo Cardinal, and Robert Redford have all voiced strong opposition to the pipeline. Hannah, Cardinal, and Kidder were even arrested at the White House at the Tar Sands Action.

Here's a video of Mark Ruffalo inviting people to the Tar Sands Action:

And here's Josh Fox's:

Nov. 6 Event at the White House
On Nov 6, thousands are expected to gather at the White House--one year from the election--to send President Obama a message that we expect him to live up to his campaign promises to "end the tyranny of oil." Controversy surrounds the Keystone XL pipeline. In recent weeks, it's been revealed that lobbyist Paul Elliot, who is a former Clinton staffer turned TransCanada lobbyist, had been lobbying his old boss before he became a registered lobbyist. It's also been shown that the State Department hired the consulting form Entrix to write a part of Environmental Impact Statement. Entrix also works for TransCananda, creating an obvious conflict of interest.

More information about the event an be found here.

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