Kyoto Protocol Lawsuit Dismissed: Canada Gets to Keep Dragging Feet on Climate Change Action

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photo: Tavis Ford

Just a quick update to a story that broke back in June about a lawsuit against the Canadian government by Friend of the Earth Canada, in which FOE alleged that the nation had failed to comply with its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. The suit sought to force compliance.

A Court Order Could Not Be Enforced: Judge
Well, the suit has been dismissed. Reuters is reporting that the federal judge said that it was not up to the court to decide if the government was acting reasonable in failing to live up to its Kyoto Protocol agreements. The judge added that, furthermore, it would be difficult to enforce a court order.

Friends of the Earth was, as expected, nonplussed by the decision. In a written statement, Beatrice Olivastri, head of FOE Canada said,

The decision in shocking and a stake in the heart of democracy since it appears we cannot enforce Canadian domestic law.

via: Reuters/Yahoo News
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