Kofi Annan Wins Prestigious Zayed Environmental Prize

The Zayed prize is one of the most prestigious environmental awards and this year it has been won by United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan. The prize for "global leadership on the environment" comes with $500,000. The second and third places went to the 1,360 scientists whose research contributed to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and activists from Trinidad and Indonesia. "One person has done more than most to catalyse political and public opinion to an understanding that the environment is a fundamental pillar of sustainable development," said the jury in its citation. "Among the instances given of the UN chief's leadership was his decision to set up the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, a global research project aimed at producing a definitive snapshot of the planet's environmental health." Congrats to Mr. Annan. ::Zayed Prize, ::Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, via ::Environmental prize for UN chief