Kimberly Clark Gives Away Plastic Toilet Tank Inserts As Product Promotion

hang it and save bag photo

"The Scott Naturals brand Smart Flush bag offers a safe and easy way to save water at home." Caption & image credit:PR Newswire

Kimberly Clark is promoting their 'green' TP line with a plastic bag-based remake of the old toilet tank brick trick. (Try saying that 4 times as fast as you can.) Advertising Age reports that KC, owner of the Scott Naturals brand, plans to give away "750,000 Scott SmartFlush toilet-tank inserts, which the brand claims can save a typical family 2,000 gallons of water a year." They are bags which hang inside the toilet tank to displace some of the original capacity - lowering the flush volume (as pictured). Big retailers are after it...From Ad Age:

The program, which will distribute the inserts attached to eight- and 12-count packs of Scott Naturals toilet paper through October, has been embraced by Walmart, Target and other national chains,..
I can't tell if the customer has to fill the bag with water or if it just has some foam inside the two walls.

It may be unwise to use these on modern water saving toilets.

Does the weight of the tank lid hold thy buoyant bag underwater, via the hanging strip?

Few low-cost plastic film products can last a decade while immersed in water, as it is claimed these will. Except, of course, vinyl. This property also implies non-biodegradability. Hmmm.

Let's see if someone with the facts can straighten us out.

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