Kimberly-Clark Breaks Under Greenpeace's Kleercut Campaign, Goes Sustainable

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Greenpeace has had quite a bit of coverage of late on TreeHugger with their latest actions of climbing Mount Rushmore to put pressure on politicians regarding climate change, and climbing to the roof of HP to get the company to remove toxins from their products. We wondered whether some of their actions would have impact. Well, here is one campaign Greenpeace has been pushing that has resulted in positive change. Thanks to their Kleercut campaign against Kimberly-Clark - makers of Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle brands - the company has resolved to get all of its wood fiber for tissue products from environmentally responsible sources.Working with Greenpeace on a new set of supply chain standards, the company has enhanced the Endangered Forests and increased the use of both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified fiber and recycled fiber. By 2011, Kimberly-Clark will ensure that 40% of its North American tissue fiber is either recycled or FSC certified, and the larger goal is to get to 100%.

"We are committed to using environmentally responsible wood fiber and today's announcement enhances our industry-leading practices in this area," said Suhas Apte, Kimberly-Clark Vice President of Environment, Energy, Safety, Quality and Sustainability. "It is our belief that certified primary wood fiber and recycled fiber can both be used in an environmentally responsible way and can provide the product performance that customers and consumers expect from our well-known tissue brands. We commend Greenpeace for helping us develop more sustainable standards."

Congrats, Greenpeace, on a victory for forests. Considering the sheer amount of tissue products sold by Kimberly-Clark, this is a substantial improvement.

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