Kimberly Clark Adds High Recycled Content "Scott Naturals" Product Line

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Scott Naturals. Image credit:KC/Scott.

KC has received plenty of criticism for marketing only toiletries produced with virgin pulp from old-growth forests. Recycled content was low. That has changed, now, on a large scale. The company has just introduced the Scott Naturals line of toiletries (as pictured).

It's a first in this sector to have a full line with relatively high recycled fiber content in all entries. Reuters reports that competitors such as Charmin and Procter & Gamble Co lack multiple product offerings with high recycled content. This could be a transformational debut.

Details and discussion below.Although Kimberly-Clark did not partner with an NGO in developing this line, Reuters compares the debut of Scott Naturals with Clorox Co's Green Works line of cleaners, in which Clorox worked with Sierra Club. Both are seminal marketing events in that they mainstream green offerings that are competitive on performance and cost.

Recycled content is impressive.

The Scott Naturals toilet paper has 40 percent recycled fiber, while the paper towels have 60 percent and the napkins, 80 percent.

Less obvious advantages.
Instead of sending waste paper to China for recycling, we can put it to use here, reducing our respective carbon footprints.

Less water consumed and pollution produced per unit of production.

Per the Kimberly-Clark press release: "outer packaging is made from 20 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, and the cardboard cores are made from 100 percent recycled fiber."

Students will be encouraged to recycle, knowing that one day they may be able to wipe themselves with discarded homework.

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