Kids on Club Penguin Donate Virtual Coins That Add Up to Giant Green Christmas Gift for WWF

In one of the most intriguing marketing and fundraising strategies I've come across in my time writing about kids and education on Treehugger, the popular web-based virtual world of Club Penguin, geared towards kids ages 6-14, asked them to donate some of their virtual coins earned playing games on Club Penguin towards a charitable cause in a campaign called "Coins for Change" that ran from December 10th-24th.

And while virtual coins won't get you very far in the real world, the truth is that the donations came at a real cost to the kids virtual world adventures with their penguin avatars, and was backed up by the genuine green stuff via the New Horizon Foundation. A relatively young philanthropic organization launched by the founders of Club Penguin itself.
Ultimately, the $1,000,000 in cash donated was split up between three organizations based on an online vote of Club Penguin users, just one of which was the World Wildlife Fund who garnered a cool $330,000.

And the truth is that the brand-recognition among those same kids who voted for part of their donation to go to WWF is at least as valuable in the long term for the organization as is the cash today. As I wrote and subsequently commented about passionately not so long ago, it's high time for high-profile, eco-conglomerates to start finding unique ways to reach kids, and this is definitely an ingenious method of getting the message out while raising brand awareness at the same time.

Now who decided to include WWF in the voting is beyond me, but the benefits are clear to every group involved in this one. So I say a pat on the back goes to them, Club Penguin, and the folks at New Horizon as well.

It's a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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via:: Fox Business