Kids Konserve: A Pricey Lunchbox But A Priceless Concept

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There's no one in my group of extended family and friends that I can imagine buying this $40 reusable lunch box for their child (or for my child) or even as a nice gift for someone else's child!

School lunches = lots of waste
That said, there's about half a dozen reasons why the Kids Konserve lunch box is a really great idea that seems an obvious hit if you can take the financial hit. The first frightening statistic is that a child generates between 45 and 90 pounds of lunch box waste each year. This is not counting the untold "healthy" snacks that get tossed straight from the Spiderman lunch tote to the trash when the parents aren't looking, but oh well. The plastic wrap, paper and foil that is thrown away is one thing - almost more important is the fact that we're teaching kids at an early age to just throw without thinking. That's why Kids Konserve's reusable lunch "kit" is really quite nifty.A "recycled" cotton sack, two stainless steel food containers (the plastic lids are free from Bisphenol A), a stainless steel beverage bottle, a food "cozy" - kind of like a reusable sandwich wrapper with velcro - a cloth napkin and a stainless name tag make up the Konserve Kids lunch kit.

Though the fact that the lids on the stainless steel food containers are plastic is bothersome (smaller stainless containers with stainless lids are available at the site online for four for $15), overall the kit has about everything needed to pack lunches day in an day out.

And considering that all together kids' lunches generate 3.5 billion pounds of waste annually, a reusable lunch kit is just a perenially great idea.

However, if you can't stomach the $40 price tag, DIY a kit on your own. The Green Lunch Box blog has ideas. Asian groceries can be a good source for stainless steel lunch box bento-style containers (leftover food and spice containers from upscale brands like Dean and Deluca are also good) and making the food cozy needs some velcro, thin oilcloth, needle, thread and a free afternoon. If you haven't got any of those, Kids Konserve is hoping to get kids and parents to sell their lunch kits as a school's fundraising effort. Via: KidsKonserve
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