Kids Have Fun Exploring Trees Inside and Out

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There's a great new exhibit sponsored by Doubletree Hotels and created by the Arbor Day Foundation that hopes to encourage kids from 2 to 10 to explore the beauty of the great outdoors by giving them an incredible learning experience with trees. Titled "Exploring Trees Inside and Out", the traveling museum exhibit is expected to reach kids in a number of cities across the U.S. by the end of 2010, but there's a good chance it's coming soon to a museum near you.But this summer it's put down roots at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and expects to head to the Orlando Science Center in Florida after Labor Day.

Exhibit Highlights of "Exploring Trees Inside and Out"
Once inside the exhibit kids get the chance to explore trees in ways they just won't get to otherwise. Putting themselves right inside a leaf to catch the sights and sounds of photosynthesis, helping a seed to "grow" into a young oak inside a huge acorn, exploring the inner workings of a tree by helping to move water and sugar through its giant xylem and phloem, perching in a giant birds nest, and even taking part in a "green screen" experience that enables them to soar above the treetops just like a bird.

For a full list of the cities this terrific looking exhibit is heading you can check out their website. There's a terrific chance a child you know just may have fun while learning a thing or two as well.

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