Kids Fight Global Warming, Deforestation with Disappearing Paper Margins

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If you’re looking for kids making a positive difference to put a dent in our paper usage look no further than the 4th Graders from Attrium Grade School in Watertown, Massachusetts who took on a green paper project and made it their own. Asking local governments to join them in the fight against global warming by changing their margins to reduce paper consumption and help stop deforestation as well.Global Warming and Paper Usage

Amazingly, the kids calculated that we can save 6,156,000 trees per year if everyone in the U.S. just reduced their margins while printing. Assuming you change from ½ to ¼ inch margins on all sides, you’ll save 6.667% of a single sheet of paper. And that means that for every fifteen pages of changed margins you’ll have put over one page back into the forest.

The effort started slow at first, but now they’ve got a number of local government offices jumping on the bandwagon, changing margins in an effort to stem the tide of trees heading for the landfills and recycle bins of America.

Of course, their efforts also prove you’re never too young to make a difference in the green movement. As student Asha Densmore put it, “A lot of other people who are older than us do these things, but it feels good to have this much impact when we are young."

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