Kids Create Cell Phones for Soldiers and Make a Difference

When Britany and Robbie Bergquist heard a news report about a local soldier who ran up a massive phone bill of $8K calling home from Iraq they decided they wanted to do something to help make a difference. First, they donated the $14 in their piggy bank and then collected snack money from their friends at school for a grand total of $21.00. And that may have been only a small part of the bill, but Cell Phones for Soldiers really began to take off from there.

The goal now is to help soldiers serving overseas call home by providing them with prepaid calling cards. And to make that happen they've teamed up with AT&T; to collect old cell phones, passing them along to a recycler who pays them $5 a clip. Then, they use the cash to purchase prepaid calling cards and ship them overseas to the troops serving there.

It sounds like a great way to help the environment and support our troops at the same time.

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via:: The View, Money Magazine

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