Kick It Up a Notch with Planet Green Tonight: Emeril Green Premiers!


Tonight, one of our favorite celebrity chefs (from right up the road in Fall River, Mass.), Emeril Lagasse, will be starring in a brand new series on Planet Green. Not one but SIX episodes will debut tonight – BAM! Called Emeril Green, Lagasse will be helping viewers solve their cooking dilemmas and will shares his philosophy for fresh, locally grown foods and inspires consumers by using high-quality produce, seafood and meats.

Picture an ultimate foodie fantasy store. Then drop in some real people who have real culinary challenges and watch as Lagasse comes to their rescue. What do you have? A recipe for a fun, new series that unleashes all the information about how everyday cooking can be healthy, organic, and eco-friendly.Set in Whole Foods Market, Lagasse will enroll the store's knowledgeable team and other food experts to help real-life cooking-challenged individuals learn about and hand-pick the best foods. After shopping with each individual, Chef Lagasse will prepare a meal with each individual that demonstrates the convenience and ease of using fresh ingredients in everyday meals.

Emeril Green premiers tonight at 8pm. Check out the complete schedule for this evening over at Planet Green.

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