Khunu Adds More Soft Himalayan Yak Wool Apparel

Womens Khunu Ella made from yak woolKhunu/Promo image

Khunu is a small, young company finding a global market for yak fibre products, which in turn assists the semi-nomadic herders who care for these endearing high altitude beasties. Over the past couple of years Khunu have been slowly adding to the line, most recently with a Mongolia Travel Wrap. Now they’ve extended their soft (warmer than merino, stronger than cashmere) 100% Himalayan yak wool collection further again.

For Those With Hips
The bulk of the additions benefit the curvier gender. There is the Cortina, a turtle neck jumper, with cable knit body with ribbed sleeves, in chocolate brown, black and sienna red. Or women can also opt for the Amelia, a full-zip yak fibre top , which sports what Khunu are calling their signature elbow patches, added for durability. Offered in olive, chocolate brown and navy. And finally the Ella, the lightest of the three new pieces. This is a zip turtle neck, in a 12-gauge jersey knit. Designed for sporty, active women who’d like colour choices of sienna red, olive, melange navy and black.

mens and womens yak wool garmentsKhunu/Promo image

And Those Without
Guys haven’t been left out in the cold. They’ve been provided with the new Killy. This chunky style 9 gauge ribbed knit also gets the elbow patch treatment combined with a button front and soft shawl collar. Offered in heather grey and melange navy.

close-up of Khunu yak wool garmentKhunu/Promo image

We enjoy profiling enterprises like Khunu. They are small, but have the potential to make a significant positive difference to the lives of the communities who provide them with their source materials. Materials that are natural, renewable, and ultimately compostable. They craft garments with performance attributes ideal for outdoor use, coupled with the right amount of street smarts to do double service around town.

The only caveat seems to be the laundering instructions : “Hand wash cold or dry clean”, the first suggestion being very planet friendly, albeit time consuming, with the latter option not being at all green. But aside from this little niggle, Khunu is exactly the type of business TreeHugger was founded to showcase all those years ago.

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