Kevin Rudd: 3 Good Things Came Out of Copenhagen (Video)


Unless you're a climate policy wonk or a close follower of all things global warming, here's what you probably remember about Copenhagen: It sucked. It was a failure. Crash and Burn. In reality, it wasn't the absolute loss that many perceive and still others claim it to be. At this year's Clinton Global Initiative, former Prime Minister (and current Foreign Minister) of Australia Kevin Rudd articulated exactly this sentiment. And it's a useful one to keep in mind, if only to remember that tangible progress is indeed being made to address climate change on an international level, despite what media narrative-seekers would have you believe. Here, Rudd explains the three main accomplishments of the Copenhagen Accord.One of these, as Rudd will mention, was REDD -- the UN-led program Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation. It was one of the few silver linings to be found at COP15, and it was thoroughly explored in this panel session at CGI, which I'll post more on shortly. Here's Rudd on COP15:

Each of those is important to note -- successfully developing an international framework just to monitor emissions would be a massive achievement in itself. And REDD has more promise than perhaps any other international effort to mitigate climate change. More on that shortly.

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