Kerry: Climate Bill is "Very Much Alive"


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Despite all of the grim speculation being hurled across the blogosphere, Sen. Kerry is telling everyone, essentially, to cool it and keep their pants on. He wrote a post over at Talking Points Memo explaining why we all need to be patient and get over the latest round of hyperbolic "the climate bill is dead"-esque statements. Here's what he had to say: He kicks off his post by saying, "It's practically a rite of passage. No serious legislation ever makes it very far in Congress before it's declared dead - at least once, sometimes two or three times." Kerry then lists a handful of headlines that declared health care reform "dead" in the months leading up to its passage. And then, he makes his point:

The Senate is more than capable of relegating the recent gloomy headlines about comprehensive climate and energy reform to the place they belong at the Newseum - right next to the 1948 Chicago Tribune headline that declared "Dewey Beats Truman."

Look, passing legislation is never easy - it's supposed to be that way. The bigger the reform, the tougher it gets. And there are always countless places along the way where it looks like it's difficult because, well, because it is difficult. Almost all of the snags get worked out without anyone noticing them, but sometimes, they get noticed, and you know what happens.

To further argue his case, Kerry notes that Graham has spent a considerable amount of time working on the legislation, and is unlikely to walk away for good so lightly. He says that there's an "unprecedented coalition," presumably of businesses and interest groups, that are willing to support their bill. Finally, he says that there's a general need to pass this thing -- a need that's bigger than political squabbling.

I agree sir, and I hope you're right.

Read Kerry's full post at Talking Points Memo.

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