Kaizen Fail: Toyota Recalls 437,000 Hybrids Worldwide, Mostly 2010 Prius Models

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Photo: Toyota
We all knew it was coming, but now it's official. Toyota has formally filed a voluntary recall for 437,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide. Most of those are third generation Prius hybrids, but they're also recalling the few Prius PHEV out there (the plug-in hybrid version, more details here), the Lexus HS 250h, and the SAI in Japan. This breaks down to about 223,000 hybrids recalled in Japan, 150,000 in North-America, and about 63,000 in the rest of the world.
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Photo: Toyota
Software Update for the ABS System
Toyota says: "The recall will allow Toyota dealers to perform the software update on 2010 Prius vehicles sold prior to this running production change. Only Prius vehicles produced since May 2009 and all HS 250h vehicles are subject to this recall. First- and second-generation Prius vehicles use a different ABS system and are not involved in this campaign."

2010 Prius hybrids produced after December 2009 have already received the fix in the factory, so those aren't being recalled. The Lexus HS 250h production line will get the same fix later this month (it uses the same ABS braking system as the 2010 Prius).

What Was the Problem?
The problem is described as "inconsistent brake feel during slow and steady application of brakes on rough or slick road surfaces when the ABS is activated in an effort to maintain tire traction." The software fix improves both the reaction time of the system, as well as its sensitivity to tire slippage.

How do I Know if My Toyota is Recalled?
Toyota will begin mailing letters to Prius owners included in this recall next week and HS 250h owners within the next few weeks, to let them know when to bring their vehicles into a dealership. Owners will only receive a letter if their vehicle is involved in the recall.

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