Just What You Needed: The Nag

Nag, pester, nudge, guilt-trip....what are the words to describe those "gentle reminders" that pop up via email, urging us to buy, read gossip, eat better, or live wiser. Here's a cute little website that sends a hint every month (now that's pretty painless) about "one easy thing you can do to be greener, cleaner and, if you're not careful, a tiny bit smug." They are focusing on issues such as food, fair trade, flying, energy, clothing, money and transport. For each one there is a concise explanation and then as much detail as anyone would want on the subject.

Sponsored by Anti-Apathy ("because waking up is hard to do"), an organisation devoted to political and social change and offering ideas and "practical, at-your-fingertips 'things you can do' in your day to day life – in short, a one stop shop for positive change". And it is all done with a sense of humour, which is a welcome addition. Upon joining, you are eligible to win the "Crap Prize of the Month" (pictured)--this one a very special clock, recycled from Oxfam. And they have a barometer to measure the impact of the site. For example, to date 138 people have switched to green energy as a result of the Nag. Worth getting nagged once a month. :: The Nag

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