'Just What We Needed' Department: How To Make Big Money Off Climate Change

Lake Josephine Grinnell Glacier image

Lake Josephine and Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Oil on canvas, JOHN FERY (Austrian/American 1859-1934) Image credit:Jackson Auctions.

Obvious high end market example: A company called Serac Water offers bottled Mount Ranier glacier melt, calling it "Genuine Glacial Milk." Cost is US$96.00 per case of 12 20-ounce bottles, plus shipping of course. Get it while it lasts, I guess. (Given that PBDE's have been found in lakes fed by Rainier's glacial runoff, let's hope they carbon filter it before bottling.)

Lost environments in landscape art. It's a safe bet that as famous glaciers melt away, famous paintings of them will increase greatly in value (as pictured) George Washington Crossing The Delaware comes to mind as a coming end-of-century example. Such a wintry scenes in fine art will become intrinsically more valuable as climate extremes become regarded as a 'normal' part of the landscape.
There are plenty of other possibilities, some of which are listed below. Did I miss any big opportunities to get rich off climate change?

  1. survivalist gear

  2. home well drilling and filtration equipment

  3. newsletters keeping businesses appraised of carbon and energy regulatory change

  4. lobbying services in Washington DC

  5. moving and shipping services

  6. mobile homes and emergency shelters

  7. renewable energy generation and power storage equipment

  8. private security services to cope with social disorganization

  9. water storage tanks